Certification of products and goods

Before a product can be put on the market, it must be correctly categorized.
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We are certification experts

Our many years of experience allow us to do our work at the highest level in a wide range of certification fields. We offer certification services and testing laboratory services. We deal with a wide range of certifications; products and products, quality management systems, people, medical supplies, environmental management, work safety, food safety and IT systems.

Product certification

A manufacturer that wants to establish itself among the competition on the market must not only ensure a high level of quality for its products, but must also achieve this quality in the long term. Certification represents a very important means of representing the company and is the key to export to foreign markets of developed countries. Products marked with the certificate always guarantee the necessary quality according to the relevant standards and achieve better sales.

Who we are

We are an independent certification body that provides comprehensive services for the certification of products, quality management systems, people, medical devices, and many others.

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PETER, Mnager quality

We are a manufacturer of plastic compounds and regranulates on the Czech market and we are also a processor
plastic technological waste from production. We offer original filled and otherwise modified compounds,
finding use in many areas of industry. We place great emphasis on quality, therefore with help
We certify. We regularly test and certify our plastic granules. We can so customers
to declare the quality and properties of our plastic granules.

Eva, Assistent

Our company has been producing crates and boxes for food for more than 20 years. Especially those intended for
meat and pastries. These products must meet the increasingly strict EU legislative requirements for food contact.
Thanks to Certifikujeme.to, we have established a very good cooperation with the certification body and regularly us
products are tested in an accredited laboratory and certified. The issued certificate declares all our
quality and health safety to customers.

ADRIANA, Sales director

We are importers of consumer goods from Asia to the EU. We operate an e-shop with more than 3000 items of goods.
With the help of certifikujme.to, we have established a good cooperation with the company Profi Cert, which ensures us
all the agenda associated with certification, CE product marking and product declaration of conformity. When
needs will test the product and we are thus sure that the product meets the necessary EU technical standards.

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